Monday, March 1, 2010

PICTURE of the day: Gunfire on St Davids Day in Camp Bastion

Soldiers of the 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh start off St Davids Day in Afghanistan with one of many traditions. The officers and senior non-commissioned officers wake up and serve a cup a ‘Gunfire’ to all the soldiers in the battalion.

Senior non-commissioned officers preparing the traditional 'Gunfire' at Camp Bastion in Helmand.

Sergeant Kevin Sharley (right) from Wrexham wakes up Corporal Justin Barrett from Caernarfon and serves him a cup of 'Gunfire'.

Gunfire is a cup of tea with a tot of rum. However, for the troops while serving on operations alcohol is not permitted. Even though there is no rum it is still a cup of ‘Gunfire’.

Where ever they are in the world, St Davids Day is a national celebration. And even though the soldiers are serving on operations in Helmand they take the time to observe the regiments traditions.

St David's Day was declared a national day of celebration in Wales in the 18th century.

Pictures: Maj Paul Smyth


  1. Happy St. David's Day to you, and may God keep you safe.

    Maggie Goff
    Bisbee, Arizona, USA

  2. It's good to see that the lads can have a bit of cheer, even in war.

  3. Sad to say, didnt know it was St Davids day, belated, but wishing you well...sad, especially as we are still all part of the UK. God Bless you All.