Sunday, March 7, 2010

PICTURE of the day: Quick Reaction Force

Passing the time as the Quick Reaction Force. If the call comes in the team will be good to go in minutes. They just need to grab kit; helmet, body amour, weapons and day sacks.

Every location has a QRF and Patrol Base Shaheed (2.5 Km North East of Showal) is no exception. The patrol base is home to B Company the 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh (1 R WELSH).

The patrol base was set up after the launch of Op Moshtarak when the soldiers flew into the area in the largest heli assault in Helmand since the campaign began in 2001.

Charging batteries - Fusiliers take the opportunity to relax while all is calm

Fusilier Davis waiting for the call

Kit ready to go and on hand

Chilling in the shade

Passing the time with a game of Scrabble

Lance Corporal Leo Tuliva making chocolate pancakes

Pictures: Major Paul Smyth


  1. Thanks for the photos of the guys.

  2. Many thanks for the crisp, detailed pictures Major. It's quite sobering to see blood groups routinely marked on uniforms and inside helmets.

    We're proud of the work that the armed forces have always been prepared to do, so we can enjoy our liberty every day.

    Please pass on our thanks to the lads.