Thursday, March 4, 2010

Waiting to go out on bomb patrol

Channel 4 News

Trooper Pete Sheppard spends another quiet day back at base before preparing to go out on patrol tomorrow, checking there are no IEDs on the tracks the soldiers are walking on.

Trooper Pete Sheppard is a radio operator with the Brigade Reconnaissance Force (BRF), which is part of Operation Moshtarak against insurgents in Helmand province.

Been another quiet day today, a couple of patrols went out but on the whole a chilled day.

The lads are getting restless, they cannot wait to get back to camp.

I have been told that I am going out with one of the patrols tomorrow to conduct Barma (checking that there are no IEDs on the tracks that we are walking on). It should be interesting.

A few of us played a little game of touch rugby earlier. It was good fun however really tiring! A couple of guys from the ATF (Afghan Task Force) joined in and it was amusing watching them trying to gather the concept of the rules.

Tonight is just prepping my kit so I am good to go tomorrow morning, making sure I have enough water, fresh batteries, spare batteries and something quick to eat if needed to.

My fingers are crossed everything goes well tomorrow.


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