Sunday, March 7, 2010

Taliban commander surrenders to British Troops

A TOP Taliban commander has been grabbed in a raid by hero UK soldiers reports the Daily Star Sunday.

Picture: Maj Paul Smyth. 1 R WELSH soldiers on patrol with ANA and French troops.

He was the last insurgent boss prepared to stand and fight against Operation Moshtarak, the allied effort to wipe out the rebels in Helmand, southern Afghanistan.

Haji Akhundzada was found cowering in a compound in southern Nad-e-Ali after a tip-off from locals. He had co-ordinated attacks and was behind the deaths of several British and Afghan troops.

His improvised explosive device (IED) network may have been involved in the blast 20 miles away which killed Sunday Mirror reporter Rupert Hamer, 39, and seriously wounded photographer Philip Coburn, 43.

Akhundzada surrendered without firing a shot when a unit of Grenadier Guards and Afghan soldiers surrounded the compound where he was staying.

They ordered out those inside by megaphone and 12 women and 17 children emerged.

After he was nabbed, seven other men were quizzed, leading to two of them being detained.

British troops also found “several items of interest” linking the suspects with recent bomb attacks.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman told the Daily Star Sunday: “This will provide an important blow to the insurgents, taking away one of the few Taliban commanders who was willing to fight during Operation Moshtarak.

“Most Taliban commanders fled, leaving their fi ghters without leadership or supplies.

“This commander was also important within the Taliban IED network and as such will affect their ability to source the components and explosives to create such weapons.”

It is just the latest success by British soldiers in Operation Moshtarak, the biggest NATO offensive since troops first went into Afghanistan nine years ago.

In another Nad-e-Ali raid, UK troops uncovered a major weapons dump hiding two 23mm artillery shells, four rocket-propelled grenades, an 81mm mortar, a 105mm mortar, two metal rods packed with home-made explosive (HME), two five-gallon jugs filled with HME, 40lb of loose explosives, 1lb of propellant and 20 pressure plates.

And British troops killed six Taliban fighters, captured two and found bomb-making gear after a ferocious firefight.

The Taliban’s main response has been more IEDs. Last week a Taliban bomb killed an innocent Afghan family of 11 in Helmand.


  1. Excellent news. Good job. Afghan, British and French troops fighting together. Who'd have thought it?

  2. Never mind operation whatever.
    What about the casualties in Sangin ?
    The latest tragic death makes SIX soldiers from 3 & 4 Rifles murdered in 11 days near Sangin.
    What are the military commanders doing to prevent these needless deaths ?
    It beggards belief that the troops are not safe in their own Patrol Base.
    Something must be done immediately.

  3. Now SEVEN deaths in 11 days.
    What are the military doing ?

  4. I agree with above (8/3/10 - 2:01am) - our troops appear not to be safe - but I've read in several places that the troops are still limited in what they can do (first and foremost protect the Afghan civillians) however those civillians are helping the insurgents (not all)- we had been told that we will lose lives in Op M - but it doesnt make it any easier - Op M or not..I am proud of our troops - but believe they need to protect themselves first and only then can they help the Afghans - yes you may say that the Afghans need to trust us...but we are there to help them??? but the Afghans also need to start helping themselves and not help insurgents/Taleban. Said before too, we are moving the Taleban on...but where are they going? They are moving from one Village to another - How many more lives have to be lost? Can't say anything else on this as I know comments would not be printed.